• Each CAS is organized in 24-hour modules
  • The modules, spread over two weekends, take place on Fridays (2.15pm – 9pm) and Saturdays (8.15am – 1.00pm).
  • Some modules are organized on 3 consecutive full days, usually Thursday, Friday and Saturday (9.00am – 6.00pm).



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Courses are usually held at Uni-Mail, University of Geneva, 40 Boulevard du Pont d'Arve, 1205 Geneva

RL2 Negotiation & Effective Communication

The ability to convince is essential for any managerial position or any entrepreneurial initiative. It requires negotiation as well as communication skills.

The first part of this course provides practical tools ready for immediate professional application. It allows the distance and mastery necessary for conducting all types of negotiations, whether these are external or internal, or whether they apply to commercial, managerial or social activities. It is addressed to all those who are called on to buy, sell, solve disputes, build teams, induce change.

The second part is aimed at familiaring participants with key public speaking and presentation skills. In fact, communicating effectively is not only a matter of having good ideas but also having the ability to engage people.

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