• Each CAS is organized in 24-hour modules
  • The modules, spread over two weekends, take place on Fridays (2.15pm – 9pm) and Saturdays (8.15am – 1.00pm).
  • Some modules are organized on 3 consecutive full days, usually Thursday, Friday and Saturday (9.00am – 6.00pm).



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Courses are usually held at Uni-Mail, University of Geneva, 40 Boulevard du Pont d'Arve, 1205 Geneva

Responsible Leadership

Tough competition and high-performance pressures are pervasive features of the business and professional environment. Whereas some people regard such conditions primarily as drivers for hard work and innovation, others regard them as drivers of moral transgressions and personal resentment; and both sides have a point. Therefore, to minimize the negative and maximize the positive consequences of the contemporary business environment, there are increasing calls for responsible leaders.

However, what distinguishes responsible from irresponsible leaders, and how do responsible leaders actually manage to overcome the adverse effects of a tough business environment? Instead of providing broad-brushed and prefabricated answers to such intricate questions, this course offers a platform for reflection about the practical challenges that employees and managers face in their professional life. Each session of the course centers around a hands-on case study, involves interactive class discussions, and is enriched with key insights from different academic disciplines, like management, psychology, and ethics. As such, the course will help and guide participants in finding their own answers to what leading responsibly means at their workplace.

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