• Each CAS is organized in 24-hour modules
  • The modules, spread over two weekends, take place on Fridays (2.15pm – 9pm) and Saturdays (8.15am – 1.00pm).
  • Some modules are organized on 3 consecutive full days, usually Thursday, Friday and Saturday (9.00am – 6.00pm).



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Courses are usually held at Uni-Mail, University of Geneva, 40 Boulevard du Pont d'Arve, 1205 Geneva

Corporate Social Responsibility and Organizational Ethics

Managers are confronted with a complex and unprecedented mix of social, environmental, and market issues and demands from a variety of stakeholders. The majority of managers believe that they are unbiased and have good intentions to respond to crises, social and environmental issues and stakeholder demands in a responsible way. However, corporate scandals of corruption, fraud, pollution, human rights violations, and customer manipulation persist. The course addresses how corporations can manage rising stakeholder expectations and how managers can engage in responsible decision making and avoid ethical blindness.

The course is divided in two parts. In the first part, we discuss corporate social responsibility and explore various responsible management and compliance tools. The first part frames the theoretical and practical debate around CSR and provides an overview of its development. We also discuss the regulatory context that shapes and constrains responsible corporate conduct. In the second part, we discuss organizational ethics and examine the role of ethics and values in management and the unconscious biases that make responsible decision making challenging. This part focuses on employee privacy and whistleblowing as these are two issues that affect employees on a daily basis.

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