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The main objective of the two CAS programs is to develop participants’ professional agility and seize opportunities, particularly exploiting the digital transformation. In a fast-moving environment, these skills are now a key factor in assuring success and advancement for the executive.


In particular, the CAS in Entrepreneurial Management helps participants to:

  • understand how to identify, analyze and seize opportunities
  • turn big/smart data into business opportunities and take full advantage of the digital transformation
  • manage stakeholders and communication
  • surf on diversity and do business in emerging markets
  • manage growth
  • understand the fundamentals of business law

The CAS in Responsible Leadership shows participants how to:

  • lead in a responsible manner with a humanistic approach
  • reconcile business and social responsibility
  • develop creative problem-solving
  • influence with emotional intelligence
  • manage change in a fast-moving environment
  • negotiate and communicate effectively.

The emphasis is above all on ethics, durability and respect for people.